It is a mammoth task to find the exact POD from the heap when required. Courier agencies are facing the problem of locating POD (Proof of Delivery). It costs them lot of embarrassment. Kairee Systems is into business of Document Management. We have a team of expert in software development with upcoming technologies, we are specialized in POD's (Proof of Delivery) management. Locating a POD's is a major concern of logistic and courier companies. Their people spent most of the time to locate the POD. With SCABAR it is very easy.

How the SCABAR works?

SCABAR reads the BARCODE of POD's and index the document with that barcode.

Five Easy Steps for POD's Management -

Selecting Documents

  • Collection of POD's at centralized place for scanning.
  • Arranging the POD's i.e. removing staple and separating POD's.


Scanning of POD's at 200 dpi B/W with Single Page TIFF file format.

Barcode Reading

Each POD has one unique barcode on it, SCABAR has an automatic process of reading barcodes from the scanned POD's.


POD's which has been read through SCABAR will be indexed with the Barcode number; it SCABAR does not read the barcode than it has a facility to index document manually.

Saving Files

These all indexed files will be saved into the database with the index name to the destination folder.