It is a mammoth task to remember the exact Calibration date of equipments from the heap when required. The Quality department is facing the problem of tracking the calibration date of equipment. It costs them lot of embarrassment.

Kairee Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Kairee) is into business of Document Management. We have a team of expert in software development with upcoming technologies; we are specialized in Calibration Management System. Locating an equipment and get it calibrate on time is a major concern of logistic and engineering companies. Their people spent most of the time to locate the equipment and track its calibration date. With CDMS it is very easy.

How the CDMS works?

Calibration Document Management System is web based application used to maintain the track of calibration equipments used on various lines. The document is scanned outside of the system in PDF format (only) and uploaded in to system. Once the document is uploaded into system user can view the document in browser and enter index fields and index the document.


Create User
Manage Vendor
Manage Line
Manage Equipment Master Data

Selecting Documents

Collection of calibration certificate at centralized place for scanning.


Calibration certificate need to upload into system which has been display by using PDF viewer. Then user need to select the equipment unique identifier from drop down (Equipment Master) , select vendor then enter the calibrated date and recommended due date and remark against the uploaded PDF and index it manually.


  • System will auto generate email at the time of indexing and send it to Line in-charge to remind next recommended calibration date.
  • Admin can also send bulk email to Line in-charges to remind their pending equipments for calibration.


Admin can view reports for Line wise, Vendor wise equipments pending fro calibration and also can send reminder in the form of email.