It is a hectic task to collect all test certificates from the heap of document stored on various locations on machine which submitted by various vendors. The Quality department is facing the problem of tracking the test certificate for a particular part with its specific serial number. It costs them lot of embarrassment and man power to maintain such certificate and deliver it on time.
Kairee Systems is into business of Document Management. We have a team of expert in software development with upcoming technologies; we are specialized in Document Management software and custom software development. We came up with solution for above challenge named software “Quality Document Management System”. It helps to manage assembly structure, scan test certificate when it receive from vendor and place it at one repository so only authorized user can get access to those certificates.Systems also help to Locating a test certificate with its child parts. System also helps to find out the pending test certificate to compete assembly and notify to responsible user to follow up for pending test certificates. Previously their people spent most of the time to locate the test certificate and track for pending test certificate to make the delivery on time. With QDMS it is very easy.

How the QDMS works ?

Quality Document Management System is web based application used to maintain the track of test certificate for various parts for an assembly. Application gives final output in single PDF along with hyperlinked index. Authorized user can view and download the PDF document can easily navigate with certificates.


Manage User
Manage Sub Part
Manage Block Assembly
Manager Test
Manage Assembly
Manage Test
Manage Part

Scanning & Indexing Documents

  • Windows based utility help to scan document and auto upload into web interface.
  • While scanning the document user have facility to index the document.


Authorized user can search for assembly or any sub part with search criteria called part number or serial number.

View and Edit Assembly

  • Authorized user can modify the pre developed block assembly structure according to part required and make the final deliverable as per his requirement e.g. Local or Export.
  • The same screen help him to find out the pending document from vendor and he is able to notify (by auto email) to the responsible user.


  • Admin can view reports for Pending test certificate for the assembly.
  • Admin can view part and serial number wise pending test certificate.